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Zoob’s Story by Anastasia Ukraine

So, the war in Ukraine still lasts and many Ukrainians became volunteers. Thankfully to kind people, with my best friend we too started to receive donations and volunteer in the most damaged district in Kharkiv city, we feed the homeless animals. Many of them were abandoned or lost their humans as the result of russian missile attacks.

Somewhere there we’ve met our boy Zoob. He came to us asking for food, so skinny, being obviously unhealthy and we took him to the vet hospital in attempt to help and then find him home. He came trough many things, was treated from rhinotracheitis and dermatitis, taken by people who seemed so ready to care about Zoob but asked us to take him back in just one week, then he again got into the vet clinic, where stays until now, again thankfully to the kindness of people, who support us and him Zoob is the cat anyone would dream about. But in Ukraine it’s now hard to find home for adult street cat, especially the cat which has any disease. Not all the people understand FIV+ cats can live long and happy lives and make no danger nor to people, neither to other pets. And those who understand and would adopt him, have already adopted many others and have no place for one more. But we keep searching and believing we will find him the best parents. We visit him in the hospital and daily keep in touch with his vet, who’s the most kind soul, she cares about Zoob and loves him so much. Same do we. Zoob is affectionate, loving boy, a lap cat who just enjoys humans company. Daily we keep spreading information about him in attempts to find Zoob’s forever home. He came through too many things, but the only thing he really deserves is happiness. And we won’t give up until we bring this happiness to him.

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