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Toby’s Story by Kevin UAE

So Toby was found wandering the streets of Dubai with a massive skin wound, he had been thrown oil over to get him to leave the shop he was hanging around desperately askimg for help

A lovely rescuer @kevinofdxb rushed to him & with the support of Jasmine & the mau community we found a specialist vet willing to give him a chance.

Three vets said he was not worth the effort as his FIV status would mean he wouldn’t heal. We felt this wasnt good advice and were glad we persevered.

Toby was a star patient, he had a leg amputation, tail amputation & skin graft. He healed fine.

He now lives with his rescuer & 5 other cats, he is unrecognisable. Our advice is find an FIV educated vet, or a cat specialist. The days of not bothering to try because of FIV status are over!

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