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Paw’s story by Tara Cote

Paws was abandoned in my folks neighborhood a few hours away from me by neighbors that got him as a kitten, fixed him but let him go outside then got evicted and left him behind. My dad is a softy and feeds the strays every morning and built them a cathouse on the porch for shelter. They have 5 dogs so they can’t take them in.  All of the cats were skiddish except Paws. He would sleep on the roof at night then come down for breakfast every morning and try to get into the house after. He would beg for affection every time my dad was doing yard work, he was so sweet and whenever I would visit he would try to get in my car with me when I would leave. He just always wanted a home and to be loved 🥰 I wasn’t sure how Challah would be with him so I was hesitant to take him until the last time I saw him at my folks, he had lost a lot of weight and was missing fur and looked liked he got into a fight. I knew he wouldn’t survive very long outside, although he’s smart and fast, he was a lover not a fighter and his health was fading fast. I took him with me that day, took him to the vet and found out he had a bad UTI and was FIV positive. I Got him some meds and all his shots and on some l-lysine supplements and good quality wet food. Him and Challah took to each other right away, I was pleasantly surprised how much they’ve bonded. He’s been with me since October and is so spoiled and will hopefully live a long happy life now safe inside ❤

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