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Napolean’s Story by Debbie Singapore

Napoleon (or Nappy) was a cat that resided in a school. My husband @roystonhan1 and I @debsywebsy work at this school in Singapore and we used to see this cat hanging out near the school back entrance, since 2015.

We wanted to adopt and approached our local SPCA but without success. We decided to see if we could adopt the school cat. He was called Napoleon by some of the ex-students who felt his face looked like the general!

Nappy was very lucky. In the school, the students would always pet him when they returned to their hostel and the guard would also help with giving him food. He was quiet, chill and like a “boss” of the area. There were no other cats but funnily after we adopted him, the other cats showed up!

He would sit in the middle of a parking lot and need to be removed before the cars can leave! He was also not used to rain and would sometimes sit under big leaved plants to take shelter. The more he saw us everyday, the more he got comfortable and approached us all. We felt we could give him a home out of the harsh environment of the streets.

On the day we adopted him, we brought him to the vet. We realise he was FIV+ and also tested for FELV. We were stunned as we were not familiar and the vet asked us if we still wanted to adopt. We said yes because we felt a connection and we were determined to give a FIV cat a better life. Adopting him was a the best decision of my life. He meowed for the first time in our house, he explored our home and was also well behaved. He is not good with playing so he plays simple games of catching or hide and seek or sits with us in the evenings. When we brought him to the doctor again a year later, the FELV was negative! But the FIV+ was still there sadly.

We want to give him a safe and stress free environment indoors and to also let him enjoy proper food and hygiene. He is currently 8 years old (or possibly younger) and in good health. We hope to give him a good life with us. We love every moment with Nappy and now cannot imagine life without him. He brings everyone a lot of joy and the students also remember him and love him. It is ok to adopt a FIV cat. Follow him on Instagram @nappyhan !

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