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Jasmine’s (formally known as Scampi) Story by Joanne UK

Whilst walking along Abu Dhabi’s elegant seafront Corniche, in the sweltering month of August, I cam across the pitiful sight of an emaciated white and grey cat covered in open sores.

As I found her living near Abu Dhabi Fish Market, in the Al Mina port area, I toyed with calling her Mina but settled on the name Scampi.

After two days I managed to trap her and transport her to the Animalia veterinary clinic to treat her. Given her small build it was initially believed that she was a young adult of about 8 months. The veterinary assessment however showed that she was between 2-4 years old and had given birth to at least 2 litters of kittens. Despite being a street cat she was very friendly and had a very sweet temperament.

Scampi tested positive for FIV and the vet said that given her small stature and timid nature she was likely bullied but the other colony cats, resulting in not getting enough food. This, coupled with the FIV, made it difficult for the her wounds to heal.

The vets said if she had not been brought in she would have been dead within 10 days.

Following months of excellent care at the Animalia clinic, Scampi’s wounds have healed and she has put on weight. She looks a completely different cat and remains very affectionate and gentle. A fostering arrangement didn’t work out unfortunately when the other cat she was hoped with began attacking her, she isn’t a fighter.

The vets say that Scampi will thrive in a home as an indoor cat, preferably alone or with others of a similar gentle nature. Unfortunately efforts to have her adopted have been unsuccessful and the only alternative, now she is well again, is to return her to the streets.

Now Jasmine, scampi lives in the UK living the good life.

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