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Calvin’s Story by Katie Anne UK

This is Calvin, when we moved to our new home, he used to sit outside our patio doors looking in and played with our cat's toys when they came in of a night time. We searched for possible owners but nobody came forward. We found out that he had been straying the area for up to 3 years. He gradually became more and more poorly looking, whilst we were trying to socialise him/gain his trust. He would go for a few weeks and then come back, skinny, matted and covered in cuts. We made the decision to ditch the socialising and catch him in a trap. This was 7th September 2021. After begging for help, but rescue charities being completely full and unable to help, we found out he had tested positive for FIV and we're advised to leave him at the vets, him being so poorly that the only option being offered was euthanasia. After a hell of a lot of research, and realising FIV isn't all that scary, we gave him the chance and aimed to rehabilitate him and rehome. Within weeks he was a failed Foster, he is the most loving and thankful cat I've ever met and he will continue to live out the rest of his life with us, loved, warm and with a full belly. Although he has FIV, he is back to full health and is expected to live a long and happy life. 

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